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May 2020: Good news, we just installed a peroxide-plasma sanitizer in our air system, which kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odors, both in the air and on all surfaces within 6 hours. Peroxide plasma has been used in human hospitals for many years. This does NOT stop face-to-face transmission of corona virus in an exam room, so we’re going to stay curb-side until further notice.

Open for ALL services, but
Remaining Curbside *Only*
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Commission-Free Means
Your Pet’s Best Choices.
Family-Owned since 1996.

Companion Animal Hospital is your compassionate Madison veterinary clinic. Since 1996, we have been a full-service Madison vet hospital for all your pets’ needs, including: Annual exams, diagnostic exams, vaccinations, dentistry, surgery, and behavior consultations.

Our vets do not have quotas and do not work on commission, so their only interest is in helping you make the best decisions for your pets and your family. We are dedicated to providing you choices for the best care available for your animal-family, keeping them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Located “kitty corner” from Woodman’s West, we are easy to find right on the corner of S. Gammon and Watts Road. There is an easy map on our Directions page.

We are more than just a vet clinic.

Cats in a Basket

Besides being one of the top Madison vet clinics, our staff also helps local shelters and rescue organizations. Over 900 kittens and cats have been rescued, socialized, and rehomed through our staffs’ hard work and time.
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kitten pile

Dr. Pagel is proud to work with many area rescues, including:
Madison Cat Project, Dane County Humane Society, and Fisher Valley Felines, among others.

Dr.Pagel was a founding board member of Angel’s Wish rescue and has served on the board of directors for the Dane County Humane Society.

Dr. Pagel continues to volunteer his time at a rescue for tigers, lions, and other exotic animals in Southern Wisconsin called “Valley of the Kings”(

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